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Jaggery is traditional sweatner made by evaporating raw sugarcane juice without seperating the molasses from the crystal’s. It is Also known as Gur in India

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Anti Ageing

As it is Rich in Antioxidants and few minerals like potassium and selenium thus minimize the effects of free radicals and slow down the risk of early aging.
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Source of Energy

It is known as Energy food. As it comes in list of carbohydrate, it provides instant energy to the body and preventing weakness and fatigue to the body.

We never had any difficulty in sourcing good quality organic jaggery, thanks to Gur factory. It is great one stop solution. They have a good variety of fresh jaggery, nominally priced and also deliver promptly.

We have been using organic jaggery from Gur Factory every month. The jaggery Range is wide which fulfills the need of kitchen. Moreover the jaggery quality is good and consistent.

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